Akasa reaches 200 students on a weekly basis each year. Additionally, Akasa provides monthly parent workshops, which average 25-30 parents who are eager to learn about healthy and simple recipes that can easily be replicated at home. Akasa is a needs-based community based program, which targets students ages 5 to 18. Akasa provides a framework in which students, families and their communities can thrive through a holistic lifestyle. Within this framework, the program focuses on four principle areas or core competencies that encumber overall wellness:


  • Teaches the principles of sustainability, seasonality and environmental justice by building school gardens with hydroponics and raised beds, utilizing the garden for recipe development and providing recipes that are seasonal, healthy and delicious
  • Lays a foundation for concepts around mind-body awareness
  • Facilitates nutritional education through the lens of diabetes prevention
  • Emphasizes the importance of nourishment and process of cooking and